Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New to me TV/Entertainment Center

I have the winter time boredom blues.  I repainted my living room...which it needed.  The walls were a light bright green, they are now Behr's Silver Lining.  I love it!  The color is a very light gray on the blue side.  Which leads me to the reason for this post.  After finishing the walls I noticed that the cabinet the TV sits on just blended in.  I am not really a blend in type of girl so out came a can of Benny Moore oops paint. 
After painting it this grey beige green color,  (its oops paint so I really have no idea the name of the color!), I decided it was to flat.  So....over the top I just rubbed on some walnut stain.  Gave it texture and a very nice finish.
The handles got a coat of OBR and look brand new again.
This was a dresser in our room for years.  We broke one of the drawers during a move a few years ago so I decided to use it as a kitchen island and painted it the 'before' blue.  She lived in the kitchen until the Hubs got the U.L.G.Y TV and we needed something to put it on.  Now she works great to hide all the movies and games in her second drawer.  The top is just a 'junk' catch all drawer.  The bottom area where the missing drawer was makes a great area for the gaming stations.  I did drill two holes in the back bottom to feed the cords through.
There she is in all her glory.  She matches the boats sail, the frames of the shells and the backwards books up on the shelf.  No more blending into the wall.  Oh, see whats next to the TV....that's my next post.  Its to cold to paint any of the furniture in my garage (which is over 80 years old with no insulation!) so I am revamping some areas inside my house....were there is heat!

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  1. it looks fabulous! i love the tree, also! so glad you were able to repurpose the dresser rather than sending it to the landfill!

  2. Yes, men and their tv's! But love the new finish! And the tree next to it! Lovely!

    Would love for you to link up to Passion for Paint this weekend.