Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Pillows for Me!

Sorry, no new furniture to show you. We have been waiting for a few months for snow here in Colorado and now we have it! It was unseasonably warm in Nov. and Dec. Now that January is here its COLD. Below freezing cold! So the painting will have to wait alittle while. In the mean time.....

I am the type of person that needs to be doing something all the time. There must always be a project started or I go alittle nutty. My real job won't start back up for another month or so.....therefore I must create!
I whipped up four new pillow covers with some extra fabric I had. I always make pillow covers because lets face it....I have children, a husband and a dog. The washing machine is a close friend of mine.
I had the two green dot pillow covers already. Think they came from Target last summer.

This cute little thing was for the chair next to the couch. (The chair needs a makeover, it will be my first upholstery job!)

Basically this one is just a three sided pillow case with some cute red polka dot ribbon tied in bows to keep her closed on top. I love the aqua and red color combo.

The fabric came from JoAnn's.

This one is a match to the little ribbon number on the chair.

I love this fabric! I got it at Hobby Lobby and the color combo is divine! The back of this one matches the first two. But I am going to be honest....the back of this one looks like a fat man after a turkey dinner. Measure twice, cut once. It's alittle small, but only I know that....and now all of blogland!

This one may be my favorite. Who am I kidding....they all are! I used some left over aqua fabric to make this flirty ruffle for the front of this one. After I finished these and they had a photo shoot the Hubs decided to sprawl out on the sofa. He grabbed this ruffled beauty to put behind his head. I said, "STOP...don't use the ruffle one!" He looked at me and stated, "Are you kidding me? Since when do we have 'show' pillows. If I can't use it then whats it doing on the couch?" He was right. Although I'm not telling him that!

Wish some warmer weather my way....I really have the itch to paint!

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  1. These are so pretty! I just wanna jump on your couch and snuggle!

  2. Just discovered your blog. I love it. I'm gonna follow. I want a white christmas tree now!

  3. I love your collection - your favorite fabric is also mine! They make a great comfortable-looking set.

  4. I like your pillows,and I'll try to do something similar..

  5. love the pillows but know what you mean about wanting to paint. I have 3 projects waiting for spring ,which wont be here for a long while.ALL I WANT TO DO IS PAINT!!!!!So I will dig out some fabric and brighten up a room with some cute pillows.Nice choice of fabrics to