Monday, January 31, 2011


This past weekend was beautiful!  I mean 65 degrees at the end of January in Colorado with lots of sun beautiful!  Today....cold, dark, snow and tomorrow has a forecast high of -2!
Whats a girl to do?  Paint something blue of course....

This mirror was part of a dresser.  It actually went to the dresser turned TV stand.
Now it lives on the mantle.
There she is in all her glory....brown and boring.  Until....I remembered I picked up some of those cute little Benjamin Moore paint samples for $.49 at Ace Hardware yesterday.  I gave her a rough base coat of Blue Spa and then dry brushed Amarillo on top in the nooks and crannies.

Oh she is so pretty now!  I wish I had done this forever ago. 

Here you can see just a hint of the yellow peeking thru.  She just sings against the Behr Silver Lining on the walls.

She is proudly wearing the coffee filter wreath I made which is adorned with the "Be my Valentine" in the middle.  That is one of two in the Valentine's Day decor....the second being the conversation hearts haphazardly thrown into a quart size mason jar.  I am not a big Valentine's decorator, don't know why.  See the jar of shells next to the picture, they are from our family vacation to Florida a few years ago.  The two large shells are from the Hippie, she just came back from San Diego. 

One more picture just because he is so stinking cute!  Wish it wasn't so dark in here.
Happy Blue Monday!

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Friday, January 28, 2011

Who doesn't need a tree on their living room wall?


Sorry that is a Christmas before shot but like my 6 year old says, "You get what you get and you don't throw a fit!"  Anyway....this post is about the wall with the big UGLY  lovely TV on it.  First off I painted the entire living room.  I needed a change from the light mint green, plus I was bored and needed a project.  The color I went with is Behr's Silver Lining, which seemed appropriate.
The color is a very lite blue gray. 
Now after painting I decided that the space between the front door and the TV needed alittle something.  I had a quart of oops Benny Moore paint in a light gray.  I thought I would just throw some black acrylic paint in there to darken it.  I couldn't find any in my stash.  But, I did have chalk board paint....its black.  I put in enough to make the color a dark grey.
Then I whipped out one of my birthday presents....what woman doesn't ask for Purdy paint brushes for her birthday? Thank you again Hubs.
The tree is free handed.  I figured if I don't like it then I could always paint over it, right?  It has a slight texture because of the chalk board paint added to the can.
I LOVE IT!  Hope you do to.


Going to get a cup of coffee and sit, relax and stare at my tree....

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New to me TV/Entertainment Center

I have the winter time boredom blues.  I repainted my living room...which it needed.  The walls were a light bright green, they are now Behr's Silver Lining.  I love it!  The color is a very light gray on the blue side.  Which leads me to the reason for this post.  After finishing the walls I noticed that the cabinet the TV sits on just blended in.  I am not really a blend in type of girl so out came a can of Benny Moore oops paint. 
After painting it this grey beige green color,  (its oops paint so I really have no idea the name of the color!), I decided it was to flat.  So....over the top I just rubbed on some walnut stain.  Gave it texture and a very nice finish.
The handles got a coat of OBR and look brand new again.
This was a dresser in our room for years.  We broke one of the drawers during a move a few years ago so I decided to use it as a kitchen island and painted it the 'before' blue.  She lived in the kitchen until the Hubs got the U.L.G.Y TV and we needed something to put it on.  Now she works great to hide all the movies and games in her second drawer.  The top is just a 'junk' catch all drawer.  The bottom area where the missing drawer was makes a great area for the gaming stations.  I did drill two holes in the back bottom to feed the cords through.
There she is in all her glory.  She matches the boats sail, the frames of the shells and the backwards books up on the shelf.  No more blending into the wall.  Oh, see whats next to the TV....that's my next post.  Its to cold to paint any of the furniture in my garage (which is over 80 years old with no insulation!) so I am revamping some areas inside my house....were there is heat!

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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Pillows for Me!

Sorry, no new furniture to show you. We have been waiting for a few months for snow here in Colorado and now we have it! It was unseasonably warm in Nov. and Dec. Now that January is here its COLD. Below freezing cold! So the painting will have to wait alittle while. In the mean time.....

I am the type of person that needs to be doing something all the time. There must always be a project started or I go alittle nutty. My real job won't start back up for another month or so.....therefore I must create!
I whipped up four new pillow covers with some extra fabric I had. I always make pillow covers because lets face it....I have children, a husband and a dog. The washing machine is a close friend of mine.
I had the two green dot pillow covers already. Think they came from Target last summer.

This cute little thing was for the chair next to the couch. (The chair needs a makeover, it will be my first upholstery job!)

Basically this one is just a three sided pillow case with some cute red polka dot ribbon tied in bows to keep her closed on top. I love the aqua and red color combo.

The fabric came from JoAnn's.

This one is a match to the little ribbon number on the chair.

I love this fabric! I got it at Hobby Lobby and the color combo is divine! The back of this one matches the first two. But I am going to be honest....the back of this one looks like a fat man after a turkey dinner. Measure twice, cut once. It's alittle small, but only I know that....and now all of blogland!

This one may be my favorite. Who am I kidding....they all are! I used some left over aqua fabric to make this flirty ruffle for the front of this one. After I finished these and they had a photo shoot the Hubs decided to sprawl out on the sofa. He grabbed this ruffled beauty to put behind his head. I said, "STOP...don't use the ruffle one!" He looked at me and stated, "Are you kidding me? Since when do we have 'show' pillows. If I can't use it then whats it doing on the couch?" He was right. Although I'm not telling him that!

Wish some warmer weather my way....I really have the itch to paint!

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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Instant Art

I found an awesome blog for FREE graphics. Its called The Graphics Fairy. She has thousands of images you can print off right at home. I was looking for some "instant art" and decided on sea shells. They were going to go next to a beautiful print I have of an old boat and I thought shells would go nicely.
I printed off several different shells. I had these three frames already. They came from Target, think I paid $5.99 each for the 8 x 10 frames.

I really liked this graphic of several sea shells but it wasn't quite an 8 x 10 size so I backed it with some pretty scrap book paper.

Here is the smaller one framed up with the scrap book paper backing.

Here is the wall space between the U.G.L.Y. tv and the boat print I have. It just needed alittle something more.....

Framed up and hanging. Beautiful, simple and cheap. Plus the graphics were FREE! (That is my favorite four letter word.)
Think the entire project took 15 minutes. The longest part being the choosing of which graphics I wanted. If you haven't had the chance to check out her should do so now....cute FREE graphics. Run!
Isn't that doorbell thing above my picture attractive. A man installed that, I am sure. No woman would of put that box thing in the middle of a wall!
Happy New Year Everyone!

http://The Graphics Fairy" height="150"/>