Friday, December 17, 2010

Ornaments I love...

I know, two posts in one day! Wow. But I wanted to share with you some of the ornaments I love. Two of my favorites are these two "light bulbs" given to me by my little sister, Amanda.

One is clear and has a "M 2008" etched on it and the other is the pink one with the "M 2009" and the breast cancer ribbon on it. She gave them to me on those years. They are light bulbs turned into ornaments from her College. She has since graduated from the Colorado School of Mines and is now in the graduate program getting her masters. (Chemical Engineering) The light bulbs are from the big "M" that lights up the side of a mountain above the school. When the school switched from standard bulbs to more energy efficient bulbs they sold the old as ornaments. I am very proud of my little sister (she is MUCH younger that I) and each year my tree will be decorated with these two ornaments.

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  1. What a fantastic recycling idea. I've not seen these bulbs used as ornaments before. Lovely decoration to pull out each year with sentimental value. Sonia :)