Friday, November 19, 2010

Tale of the ugly 5 drawer dresser....Before/After

Here she is in all her glory. U.G.L.Y. But she had great bones! (A friend actually gave her to me for free!) Shortly after she came to me I knew what color she needed to of course! I had to sand and sand and sand some more to get the layer of "poo" (my technical term) off of her. Then I broke out the trusty stash of oops paint from Behr. With a few coats on she looked to formal so again I broke out the sander and wore her down some.

I love her. Wanted to keep her. Hubs said "NO, we have no room for this in our house." So off to Market Days at Osborn farms she went. I priced her she wouldn't I could take her back home....she sold!

Loved the distressed paint job I gave her. Like she had been blue all her life!

I thought the handles were sweet so I painted them...Rustolium Heirloom White of course!

Sneak peak at my next project.
Not the greatest before picture (Note to self...wait until sun is up over garage BEFORE taking pictures!). This at one time was a dresser but now it will become a buffet, for me!
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  1. This dresser is soooo cute! I love the distressing and the white handles! :)

  2. Hi Carrie, I just became your first follower and I am looking forward to seeing more of your upcycled creations!

    I live in New Zealand and also run my own small business upcycling furniture. I have been doing it seriously for a year now and it is really taking off now...not enough hours in the day for me but I still love it!

    xx Karen

  3. Hi Carrie,

    Love this colour blue. I live in Australia and also have the renovating furniture bug. It's great fun and addictive right?! :)
    Look forward to seeing more of your projects.
    Sonia x :)

  4. i love how you distressed the top more heavily.... it looks great! thanks for joining my party!

  5. very cute! i would love to come across a dresser like that = ) hopped over from Primitive and Proper!

  6. I could have told you that it would sell, it was beautiful!!! Spray painting the hardware was a great idea!!!