Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A little humor in the nightstand

This is a little nightstand I redid a few weeks ago. I am sorry I did forget to take a before picture. It was kind of southwesterny (this is my word!), pine like and rather unfinished. I drug out a can of Glidden Creamy Buttermilk that my sister gave me and gave her two coats. (All my furniture pieces are "her")

Don't you love her new handles! The old ones where a pull rusty like handle and I just didn't like them on her. Now her door says "pull".
And her drawer says "open"....just in case someone needed direction!

Here she is in all her glory! After painting I just took alittle sand paper and gave her character. She did get a final rub of Minwax Finishing Paste Wax. I love that stuff!

Oh and much to the Hubs dismay....I put our Christmas tree up yesterday. I just can't wait people! Its my favorite holiday! I finally got a white tree this year and decorated it with red and aqua....be still my heart....its the prettiest tree I have ever seen! I have a bit more crap, I mean stuff, to drag out then I will be taking pics!

I also finished a busy weekend of a 2 day Holiday Craft Show. Sold a ton and now I have 2 weeks before the next one and need to find some more furniture to refurb. Oh busy me!


  1. I love evertthing about this makeover. It's great. Where did you get those door knobs? So cool, they give a unique edge to the cupboard. Sonia x